Paintball for Alex

September 20, 2009

    Hey guy, whats up! I was thinking that mabey I would buy a paintball gun. If there are any suggestions, please leave a comment, but right now I am thinking about getting a spyder. The full name is spyder electra ac, but I should get it pretty soon I’ve had a luck streak this weekend.

Under $150 please


The Team

September 16, 2009

Marker Setups

September 16, 2009

Sam- Planet Eclipse Etek 2, Halo B hopper Rip Drive/v35, Guerrilla Air 48/3000 w/myth regualator, and remote coil, and Planet Eclipse Distortion 09 pants

Sean- Spyder Stock MR1, Gravity Fed hopper, 20 oz CO2 tank, and remote coil (Soon to be upgraded)

Silvio- Spyder MR2 (MR3 body kit), Eggy 3 hopper, 20 oz CO2 tank, and Full proto set (Pants and Jersey)

Justin- Invert Mini, Invert reloader 2, 48/3000 PMI tank, and Planet Eclipse 09 Distortion pants

Matt- Dangerous Power G3, Invert Halo Too, and Guerrilla 48/3000 with myth regulator, Proto pro axis goggles

Ethan- Spyder Electra 09, v-force hopper, 20 oz tank meter assesible, and save phace vodoo mask.

Stephen- Spyder MR1,